Essential Guidelines for Submitting News Tips That Will Make It On-Air

Good News Tip Guidelines

What makes a good news tip?

Follow these guidelines to ensure your news tips can be used in a story:

Documentation or evidence is ALWAYS essential. (Examples: Photos or videos of incidents in report)

Bad Example: “My cousin told me there’s a scam going around stealing people’s identities.”

Good Example: “This screenshot is from ABC Company warning about a scam. Please share this to help protect people.”

Stories must be of interest to the community.

Bad Example: “My neighbor plays her music way too loud every night.”

Good Example: “I have more information on a police report you shared about excessive noise from a house on my street. You can use me as a source.”

Be as specific as possible.

Bad Example: “The schools are not doing a very good job handling this bullying problem. I have information that can prove it.” 

Good Example: “I have screenshots to prove this issue is being mishandled by the local school. I have attached them.”

Have a news tip but not sure what else is needed to turn it into a story? Use the submission form and we’ll ask you for whatever we need to verify the story.

You know us as your local news source, who knows what’s going on in your backyard better than you? Thank you for your input!Submit A News Tip to Connect FM Local Radio